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How Do Fix 404 Error in Blogger Site ?

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So friends, today I have again brought a blogger's new tips and tricks for you. Here friends, today I will tell you that if you have deleted an article or post from your blogger site and it has already been indexed in Google Search Console, then how to redirect it to the homepage. Friends, I will tell you how to automatically redirect the 404 page that comes to the homepage and why we should do this, I will tell you all the steps.

How to solve 404 page error

Friends, 404 page means that you have deleted a post from your site and if this post gets indexed by Google search, then if a visitor comes to our site and clicks on it. So he gets a 404 page error. Friends, your ranking on Google goes down completely due to this. Due to which friends it happens that even if your website ranks between 1 to 5 on Google, then it will also be removed from there. This happens because your SEO gets spoiled due to the 404 page, so that if you have written an article that ranks well and by mistake you delete that post, then that post would have come in the page of 404 error. Hey friends, if you want to solve it, then keep reading. As friends, you all know that there is a lot of difference between WordPress and Blogger. Friends, if you talk about 404 error page on WordPress, then we can easily solve that 404 error page there. Friends, here it is so easy for you on WordPress that you will leave Blogger. Friends, you get a plugin called Rank Math in WordPress, which you can Install from the plugin section. Friends, in which Rank Math plugin comes, I tell you below.

What is Rank Math Plugin, why it is used

Friends Rank Math plugin helps in auto indexing our articles and posts. And also helps in SEO of the site Friends, you can also connect your Google Analytics and Google Search Console in Rank Math Plugin. And friends you can auto intake with API in it. I have already told you this, if any of your page or post has been deleted, then you can redirect to the homepage if you have a plugin called Rank Math, and friends, there are many features in this plugin, if we tell it, then post it. It will be too long.

Friends, now we will tell you how you will redirect the 404 error page that comes in blogger to the homepage. Friends let me tell you, Friends, we have given you an HTML code below, which we have designed ourselves, custom, with the help of this you can solve your 404 error page, you will find many posts on this 404 error page, but everyone does not tell the Genwin post, friends, Here we are telling you with confidence that this code will work, you just have to copy this code, where you friends have to paste it, below we have given the steps,

Step 1:- Friends, first of all you have to come to your blogger dashboard.

Step 2: - Now you will get the setting option, click on it, you will get all the setting options here, friends, now you have to come down immediately.

Step 3: - Here you will see the option of custom 404 error, you have to click on it, now you have to give the HTML code which I have given below.

Step 4 - Friends, after pasting the code, you have to click on save.

Now after saving you can check delete a post by clicking on its URL you will come to 404 error page. And will automatically redirect you to the homepage here automatically in a few seconds.

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About the Author

I am Techy Shreya. Android Developer, Web Designer and Developer, Modder and Blogger.

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